Slide Your Way into Spring with Door Repair

Sliding Door Repair ServiceA new spring is just around the corner, and transitioning from the cooler winter months is usually pretty easy.  However, there are always some little repairs that can fall through the cracks if you’re not thinking about it.  This can happen because of holiday rushes, different priorities in the winter, or because it simply slips your mind.  This spring, one thing to keep near the top of your list is sliding door repair.  As the weather warms up and we all start spending more hours outside in the afternoons and on weekends, making sure that your sliding door is in full working order can make a huge difference.

If you haven’t been using it very frequently during the winter, then you might be surprised at how sticky and stubborn your sliding door has become.  When a sliding patio door is difficult to open and is not working, it can feel like it weighs a ton.  Sliding doors can be difficult to open due to wear and rust, worn down tracks, or even build up of dirt and pet hair along the track or roller.  Instead of gritting your teeth and fighting with it every single time you want to go outside, think about getting it repaired.  It’s much more affordable than replacing the entire door, and it also improves energy efficiency!  At DCS Industries, our experts will come to your residence, and repair and replace the roller on any sliding patio door with a heavy-duty double roller that same day.  Doors that were manufactured for a single roller can be modified to use the industrial tandem roller with sealed bearings that will work better and last longer.  Be ready for the warmer seasons by making sure that your sliding doors are in working order – call DCS Industries today 623.825.7700!