Factors to Consider When Designing Entry Gates for Your Home

When it comes to securing your property, entry gates can be an easy way to control access and safeguard your family and belongings. At DCS Industries, we understand the importance of not only the functionality of your gate but also its aesthetic appeal. By working with a professional fencing company, you can have the peace of mind that your gates will help keep your loved ones safe while enhancing the appearance and design of your home. Here are a few factors to consider when designing entry gates:


Before upgrading your gates, it can be helpful to keep in mind their function and purpose. Gates can do more than just protect against unauthorized access—they can also increase privacy and even bolster curb appeal. By upgrading older or less efficient gates, you can prioritize the aspects of gating that are most important to you.

Local Ordinances

Many counties, cities, and communities may dictate certain restrictions around fences and gates, so homeowners should be aware of local ordinances before investing in a fencing or gate upgrade. Homeowners’ associations in particular may specify the color, style, and sizing of gates to match those of surrounding homes, thereby limiting the ability for certain customized designs. Ensuring compliance with local and community guidelines before your next project can alleviate the worry of fines or having to replace the gate down the road.


Safety is often one of the foremost considerations when looking to upgrade gates, as those that have rusted or degraded over time may have trouble locking or closing correctly, thereby allowing unsanctioned access. Besides unauthorized entry, gates that no longer function correctly can also be dangerous for a pet or child who is able to open gates while unsupervised.

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