Backyard Gates

Your backyard serves as an extension of your home, a place for gathering with family and friends while enjoying the beautiful Arizona sunshine and scenery. To help homeowners across the greater Phoenix area enhance these special outdoor spaces, DCS Industries designs, manufactures, and installs premium-quality backyard gates that can boost curb appeal while enhancing privacy and security.

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Gates for Different Styles and Price Points

In addition to our sheet metal-backed gates, we offer four different series of backyard gates, with each series designed to suit different styles and budgets.


Sheet Metal-Backed Gates

Offering a sleek, contemporary aesthetic, our iron gates with a sheet metal backing create an eye-catching statement piece that reflects the style of your property. The metal backing also provides maximum privacy, safeguarding your backyard retreat from the world outside. Explore our gallery of sheet metal-backed gates below!


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Deco Series Gates

As our most premium category of backyard gates, Deco Series gates are made of composite wood and topped with decorative wrought iron scrolls and gradual arches that bring a sophisticated look to any space. The premium-grade composite wood contains richly hued redwood or cedar for a natural appearance, while offering the advantage of being virtually maintenance free.

Mesa Series Gates

Featuring high-quality composite wood with a gentle arch on top, our Mesa Series gates offer sleek, understated elegance. The composite wood is available in either a rustic cedar or redwood style, giving the gates a rich appearance with minimal maintenance. Mesa Gates are framed with beautiful wrought iron available in a variety of colors, from Navajo white to tan to textured or glossy black.

Elite Series Gates

Offering an ideal blend of elegance and simplicity at a cost-effective price, gates in our Elite Series are an excellent option for numerous types of properties. These gates feature premium-grade composite redwood or rustic cedar enclosed by a wrought iron frame. With no pickets between the slats of wood, they have a sleek, “elite” appearance that will enhance the curb appeal of any property. Frames are available in a variety of colors and finishes.

Phoenix Series Gates

On the more budget-friendly end of the spectrum, gates in our Phoenix Series offer an understated look while reliably enhancing privacy and security. These gates are primarily composed of wood slats, which create a seamless barrier that shields the enclosed area from the outside world. The wood slats are surrounded by a wrought iron frame and may be made from unfinished cedar, unfinished redwood, or composite wood.

Want to enhance privacy, security, and style on your property with a beautiful backyard gate? Contact DCS Industries today to request a free estimate!

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