Rolling Gates

At DCS Industries, our specialties include crafting rolling gates that combine security, convenience, and style for commercial, residential, and industrial properties. These gates provide an efficient and durable solution for property owners looking to secure their premises while ensuring smooth access for personnel and authorized vehicles, including large vehicles like RVs.

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Durable Security Solutions

Our rolling gates are constructed from high-quality wrought iron, renowned for its strength and resistance to weather and wear. These gates can integrate seamlessly with your existing security measures to serve as a robust barrier against unauthorized access. For properties with high security needs, the wrought iron pickets may be customized with spikes at the top, creating a formidable deterrent for potential intruders, and can be configured at an angle to further deter trespassing.


Ease of Access

While rolling gates can provide a reliable security solution when needed, they can also ensure ease of access for authorized vehicles. These gates are a particularly valuable option for homeowners with RVs, boats, or large equipment, smoothly rolling aside to accommodate hassle-free access.

Customization and Style

At DCS Industries, we understand that the needs of each property owner are unique. That's why we offer customizable rolling gate solutions that meet your specific security needs while enhancing your property’s aesthetic appeal. From simple and understated to decorative and ornate, our gates are designed to complement the style of your property while providing long-lasting functionality. To further enhance durability, we offer the option of galvanization, which adds a protective zinc coating to shield against rust and corrosion. Our galvanized products are backed by a 10-year warranty, ensuring that your investment will continue to secure and enhance your property for years to come.


Expert Installation and Local Craftsmanship

Since 2003, DCS Industries has been committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction with gates, fences, and other wrought iron products locally crafted at our facility in Phoenix, AZ. Our team of experts ensures that every installation meets our strict standards of quality, providing a finished product that will deliver value for many years. Contact us today to request a free estimate!

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