Security Fencing

For any business owner, ensuring the safety and comfort of your employees, customers, and other guests who visit your property is a key consideration. One of the most effective ways to do this is to install commercial security fencing around your property in order to prevent unauthorized access.

DCS Industries Wrought Iron Security Fencing (24)

At DCS Industries, we are committed to providing commercial property owners throughout the greater Phoenix area with industry-leading wrought iron fencing that is built to last. With its natural durability, wrought iron is difficult to damage or breach, but we are pleased to offer several customizable safety features to further increase its security. For instance:

  • Our wrought iron fence pickets can be crafted to form a spike at the top, making them very difficult to scale, and can be configured at an angle to further deter trespassing.
  • We can install fences and gates with minimal space at the bottom or between pickets, minimizing the chance of someone slipping through uninvited.
  • Any of our wrought iron products carry the option of a protective zinc coating called galvanization, which is guaranteed by a 10-year warranty to resist rust and other forms of deterioration. This ensures that your fences will look beautiful and remain durable for years to come.
Wrought Iron Fencing Combines Security and Style

Commercial security fencing is an essential investment for owners looking to protect their properties and deter theft, vandalism, and other threats. However, fencing that detracts from the appearance of your business can potentially deter customers and reflect negatively on your brand. At DCS Industries, our wrought iron fencing is designed to complement the look of your property while also providing enhanced safety and security.

From office buildings to industrial facilities to large-scale residential sites, we have helped commercial properties become safer and more secure for owners. If you are looking to make sure your property is safe for visitors and equipped to keep unauthorized visitors off the premises, contact us today to request a free estimate!