Wrought Iron Railings

Made with Premium Grade Steel

For spaces such as stairways, balconies, and decks, railings are not only a critical safety feature—they can also enhance the aesthetics of the property, complementing its architectural style and creating an eye-catching focal point. At DCS Industries, our specialties include designing, manufacturing, and installing high-quality wrought iron railings for a variety of applications at residential and commercial properties throughout the greater Phoenix area.

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Enhanced Safety and Style

Safety is paramount when it comes to the installation of railings, particularly in high-traffic or elevated areas. Our wrought iron railings are built to meet applicable building codes, ensuring a secure barrier that protects all who utilize the space.

Safety, however, does not come at the expense of style. Made from timelessly elegant wrought iron, our railings can be customized to suit the specific design and aesthetic needs of your property. Whether you need a railing for an interior staircase, a balcony, or a commercial space, we provide options that range from intricate ornamental designs to sleek, modern lines. Our railings are available in a variety of finishes and colors, ensuring that they perfectly complement the existing décor of your property.

Durability and Low Maintenance

For outdoor spaces in particular, it’s crucial to invest in railings that are made from durable, weather-resistant materials. Given the natural strength of wrought iron, our railings are designed to withstand a range of conditions, from intense sun to summer monsoons that bring heavy rain and blowing dust. We use premium-grade steel and the highest-quality components in our manufacturing process, ensuring that your new railings will remain beautiful for years to come with minimal upkeep. For additional longevity and peace of mind, we offer the option of galvanization, which seals the wrought iron with a protective zinc coating to safeguard against rust for at least a 10-year warranty period.

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Outdoor Railings

DCS Industries, Inc. provides top-quality service when it comes to designing and installing your outdoor railings. We help you find the best fit for your needs, from start to finish.

Protective Cages

 DCS Industries, LLC is qualified to design and build your custom wrought iron pieces to your desires and specifications. Every piece can reflect your personality, your character and lifestyle.

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Designed, manufactured, installed

We design, manufacture and install different and unique custom wrought iron products and ornamental wrought iron from wrought iron railings to unique visual pieces. Only the highest-grade hardware and accessories are used on every wrought iron piece we build.

We start our process with premium-grade steel. Our fabricators inspect the steel to meet all DCS Industries, LLC standards. The steel is then cut to size per order. DCS welds all custom iron works utilizing pre-fabricated jigs to ensure quality is maintained throughout.

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