DCS Industries on Sliding Door Repair


Sliding glass doors are extremely common in the state of Arizona. Flat backyards mean great patios, and sliding doors provide easy access to this outdoor living space. However, as time passes these doors can become incredibly difficult to open, requiring more brute strength than most of us feel like expending when we just want to go spend some time outside.

Sliding Door Repair ServiceSome homeowners may take this as a cue that the door needs to be replaced, which can be very expensive. Don’t replace your sliding door if it becomes harder to open and close – simply repair it!

Often, sliding doors stick because there’s something wrong with the roller or the track – neither of which warrant a complete replacement of the sliding door. Sliding doors become more difficult to open when the rollers wear down, the track wears down, or there’s a build up of dirt, dust or even pet hair. When these things occur, it is much more affordable to simply replace the roller with something more durable and functional.

DCS Industries has been providing Sliding Door Repair Service to their customer base for years. DCS Industries uses a heavy-duty double roller, and the tandem rollers make opening and closing the sliding door much easier. If it’s the track that’s causing problems, then don’t worry – DCS Industries also performs track replacements. Don’t buy a completely new door when it’s only certain parts that are causing problems!

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