DCS Industries, LLC ~ Sliding Door Roller Replacement is the Solution!

Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Sliding Glass Patio Doors

When a sliding door becomes difficult to open, many people just try to ignore it because they think the doors will have to be replaced, which is obviously a costly project. Those of us who know sliding doors well know that we can make life simpler for you by replacing the rollers and locks on your sliding doors.

Over time, your sliding door rollers can wear down due to age, rust and moisture. The track can also wear down. Often, pet hair and dirt build up on the rollers and in the track, impeding the movement of the door. The lock can also be a problem if it begins to stick.

DCS Industries, LLC can replace the single rollers on your sliding glass patio doors with heavy-duty double rollers. Our tandem rollers are industrial-grade with sealed bearings, and will make your sliding doors glide open easily. We can also replace the locks on your sliding doors.

This is especially valuable for commercial properties such as hotel/motel/resorts and condominium and apartment complexes. When properties age and problems begin with multiple sets of sliding doors, sliding door repair and roller replacement is a cost effective way to solve the problem and keep the doors sliding smoothly into the future.

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