DCS Industries, LLC Announces the CAL Double Bolt Lock to Product Line

Double Bolt Lock New to DCS Industries, LLC

Double Bolt Lock New to DCS Industries, LLC

DCS Industries, LLC in Phoenix, AZ is proud to announce the addition of CAL Double Bolt Locks to their selection of home and pool safety products. According to the manufacturer, “The CAL Double-Bolt Lock works by securing the door to the frame at two security points and preventing any movement of the door. With its double locking action the CAL Double-Bolt Lock makes it virtually impossible to remove the door by lifting it off its track.”

DCS Industries is currently offering a discounted price on purchase and installation of the CAL Double-Bolt Lock. Normally priced at $110, DCS is making the lock available for $90, fully installed. Todd Mattson of DCS says, “We hope that our customers will take advantage of this special offer, and add even more protection to their home. One of our missions at DCS is keeping families and businesses safe, so we are very excited to add this sliding door safety lock to our list of products.”

The CAL Double-Bolt Lock can replace the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) lock with the addition of the OEM replacement cavity, or it can be positioned above or below the OEM lock. Placing the Double-Bolt Lock out of children’s reach adds an additional layer of safety to the home, especially when there is a pool on the premises. Mattson explains, “When the double-bolt lock is installed higher on the door, there is no way for children to open the sliding door and gain access to the pool area.”

The locks are designed to be discreet and blend with home or business décor, and can serve as the primary or secondary locking system for sliding doors, or security screen doors. The professionals at DCS can make customized recommendations for property owners on sliding door closer requirements.

DCS Industries provides unparalleled quality and superior customer service. For more information, please contact DCS Industries at 623-825-7700 or visit / .