DCS Industries Secures a Self-Storage Facility with a New Rolling Security Gate

Wrought iron rolling security gate secures a self-storage facilityA local self-storage facility was recently faced with a dilemma: someone had driven into their security gates, badly damaging them. Since customers entrusted the facility with the storage of their valued possessions, security was paramount, and the damaged gate needed to be replaced immediately in order to prevent unauthorized access onto the property. The self-storage facility owners contacted DCS Industries to assess their options for a new gate.  

At DCS Industries, we have been providing premium-quality wrought iron fencing and gate solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial properties throughout the greater Phoenix area for over 13 years. For the following reasons, we determined that the best option for the self-storage facility was to install a new wrought iron rolling security gate:


Since security was the facility’s primary consideration, we designed a large, tall wrought iron gate with narrow spaces between the pickets, thereby prohibiting trespassers from slipping through. In addition, we closely followed the terrain upon installation in order to minimize any gaps at the bottom of the fence. 

Wrought iron is always an excellent choice for enhancing security. Due to its high durability, wrought iron is very difficult to damage, break, or climb—making it a formidable barrier against would-be intruders.

Access Control

As a main entrance point into the facility, the new gate needed to balance security with convenient access for authorized vehicles. Therefore, we opted for a wrought iron rolling gate that will easily open when needed—but will then shut securely after a vehicle passes through in order to prevent anyone else from entering. 


Due to its size and strength, the new security gate has an intimidating appearance that is sure to deter trespassers. However, it also has a sleek look that enhances the facility’s overall style for customers. One of the main benefits of wrought iron as a material for fences or gates is that it is highly malleable, allowing it to be customized to suit the style of any property. 

Is your property in need of a new fence or gate to enhance security? At DCS Industries, we use premium-grade steel and the highest-quality components in all of our wrought iron products to ensure long-lasting durability and style. We will work with you to create a product customized for your needs, budget, and the style of your property. By controlling each step in the production process—from initial design through installation—we are able to pass considerable savings along to our customers. Contact us today at 623-825-7700 to request a free estimate!