Need to Secure Your Property? Gates from DCS Industries Suit Any Style

Decorative wrought iron and composite wood gate secures a home's yard.

Deco Series Gate

For residential and commercial properties alike, balancing security, privacy, and curb appeal is a constant concern. The right gates offer a solution by enhancing a property’s appearance while providing the owners with greater control over who can access the property. At DCS Industries, we offer a wide variety of gates designed to suit any needs, styles, or budgets.

The following is a brief overview of the different types of gates that we offer.

Backyard and Side Yard Entry Gates

For many homeowners—particularly those who have kids or pets—securely enclosing the backyard with proper gates and fences is an essential way to protect loved ones and valuable property assets. With a goal of providing the ideal gate for any style or price point, DCS Industries offers four different series of entry gates: 

  • Deco Series. Offering premium quality and an elegant flair, gates in the Deco Series are topped with decorative wrought iron scrollsand are made primarily of richly hued composite redwood or cedar, which has a natural appearance but is virtually maintenance-free. The composite wood features a 20-year manufacturer warranty, ensuring that it will stay in prime condition for decades without needing to be repainted or refinished. Deco Series gates provide maximum privacy because there are no gaps between the composite wood slats.
  • Mesa Series. Although they are more understated than gates in the Deco Series, Mesa Series gates offer simple elegance with their

    Composite wood and wrought iron backyard entry gate.

    Mesa Series Gate

    gentle arches and high-quality composite wood, which is enclosed by a stylish wrought iron frame. Mesa gates are equipped with privacy strips in order to provide superior security and privacy while maintaining a sleek appearance.

  • Elite Series. Gates in the Elite Series feature an ideal combination of style and simplicity at a cost-effective price. Unlike the Deco and Mesa Series, Elite gates are not arched, but they do contain the same premium-grade composite wood surrounded by wrought iron. With no gaps between the slats of wood, theseversatile gates offer maximum privacy and a seamless look that is sure to enhance any property.
  • Phoenix Series. As our most basic and budget-friendly gate series, Phoenix gates are composed of natural redwood, cedar, or composite wood, which is enclosed by a wrought iron frame. Whether they are used to secure a yard, trash enclosure, or any other section of the property, gates in the Phoenix Series offer straightforward style and reliable privacy and security. 

Rolling and Automated Gates

Automated rolling gate made from wood and decorative wrought iron.Rolling and automated gates easily allow the passage of vehicles, while still keeping the property secure. In addition, these gates enable homeowners who store RVs, boats, and other large vehicles on their properties to maintain curb appeal and remain compliant with HOA regulations that may restrict the visibility of such vehicles. As with other gates from DCS Industries, rolling and automated gates are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles, and are made with only the highest quality materials.

Dumpster Gates

While trash is a normal byproduct of life, most property owners attempt to conceal their unsightly garbage enclosures. Dumpster gates from DCS Industries are the key to keeping this area out of view and preventing curious animals from rummaging in the trash. Our dumpster gates may be customized to suit each property’s needs and are available in a variety of styles, ranging from simple and utilitarian to stylish assets that can transform the trash enclosure from “eyesore” to “eye-catching.” 

At DCS Industries, we are committed to working closely with each customer to develop a custom gate that will enhance the property’s style, improve privacy, and help to ensure safety and security. In addition to our different types of gates, we offer numerous other options, such as various colors, finishes, and latching mechanisms. As with all of our wrought iron products, the wrought iron portions of our gates may be galvanized—which involves sealing them with a protective zinc coating to safeguard against rust for at least a ten-year warranty period. 

In need of a new gate to secure your property? Contact DCS Industries today at 623-825-7700 to request a free quote!