Meet the Deco Series Gates: A Beautiful Blend of Elegance and Security

DCS Industries Deco GateOn residential and commercial properties alike, gates are crucial for ensuring privacy, safety, and security. To fulfill these goals while boosting curb appeal, DCS Industries offers several series of gates, each with its own unique characteristics. The popular Deco Series is the highest quality among these.

Gates in the Deco Series are made of composite wood and are topped with decorative wrought iron scrolls and gradual arches that create an elegant flair. The premium-grade composite wood contains richly hued redwood or cedar for a natural appearance, while offering the advantage of being virtually maintenance free. The composite wood portion also provides maximum privacy because passersby cannot see through it.

Deco Series gates are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing them to be used for many different purposes. For example, these gates are commonly installed to secure backyards and side yards or hide unsightly trash enclosures. The sophisticated look of ornately curved wrought iron adorning composite wood can even be applied to large rolling gates, which are typically used to allow passage of RVs and other vehicles. Customers can also select other options to customize their Deco Series gates, including different latching mechanisms and various colors for the wrought iron scrolls and arches.

As with any other product from DCS Industries, the wrought iron portions of Deco Series gates offer the option of galvanization. This process uses a protective zinc coating to safeguard against rust, and carries a twenty-year warranty.

DCS Industries Deco GateWith their elegant aesthetic and high-quality materials, gates in the Deco Series promise to enhance the style, security, and privacy of any property. All gates are made at our facility in Phoenix, where DCS Industries has been designing and manufacturing wrought iron products for over a decade. Our team also installs the gates, ensuring all components – including hinges, locks, and latches – are functioning properly. Think that a Deco Series gate may be the right option for securing your property? Call us today at 623-825-7700 for a free estimate!