A Long-Lasting, Sprinkler-Resistant Fencing Solution for the Biltmore Estates

Situated on the luxurious grounds of the Arizona Biltmore, the homes at Biltmore Estates comprise one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the Phoenix area. The sprawling property features several golf courses and other green spaces, which, of course, require frequent watering in order to counter the dry desert climate. Although sprinkler systems keep the grounds looking their best, they can have a damaging effect on the fences that enclose the property. Specifically, the Biltmore Estates community was facing a dilemma: their fences were rusted to the core as a result of sprinklers hitting them day after day. The rusted fences had become both unsightly and unsafe, as they were more vulnerable to being breached by intruders.DCS Industries Commercial Fencing

Fortunately, DCS Industries was able to offer a fencing solution that secured the Biltmore Estates property while enhancing its ever-beautiful appearance. Our experts installed 1000 linear feet of custom, hot-dip galvanized fencing that matched the elegant aesthetic of the former fence. However, the new wrought iron fence will stay rust-free for many years to come, regardless of daily contact with water from the sprinklers. This result is possible because of the galvanization process, which applies a protective zinc coating over the wrought iron. All galvanized products from DCS Industries carry a twenty-year warranty against rust.

As an extra layer of protection, our team used an electrostatic painter to coat the fence with two-part urethane paint. Electrostatic painting uses charged particles, which form an ionic bond with the wrought iron. In addition to being highly efficient, electrostatic painting results in a durable finish that is capable of withstanding the harshest natural elements, including strong sun and persistent soaking by sprinklers.

With its attractive and hardy new fencing, the Biltmore Estates community has resolved its rust predicament and can look forward to several years of enhanced security and aesthetic appeal. Regardless of the size or style of your community, DCS Industries offers customized fencing solutions to safeguard your property, boost curb appeal, and respect your budget. Contact us at 623-825-7700 for a free estimate.

DCS Industries – Biltmore Estates Fencing – Before

DCS Industries - Biltmore Estates Fencing - After

DCS Industries – Biltmore Estates Fencing – After