Why Enclose Your Restaurant Patio with a Wrought Iron Fence?

Patio Fencing the Keg Steakhouse Tempe Marketplace

Patio Fencing at the Keg Steakhouse Tempe Marketplace

A sumptuous meal is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Savoring a delectable dish with a side of fresh air and warm sun borders on the divine. Residents of the Phoenix area are fortunate to enjoy up to 300 days of sunshine each year, with pleasant temperatures on many of those days. As a result of this enviable weather, several restaurants around the city entice patrons with patio dining.

In designing their patios, one of the most important elements that restaurants need to consider is how to enclose the area so as to allow diners to enjoy the outdoors while still being encompassed by the restaurant’s ambiance. Wrought iron fencing provides an ideal solution for this quandary. Stylish yet timeless, wrought iron enhances the curb appeal of any patio while creating a seamless boundary with the outdoors. From sleek and modern to decorative and ornate, the malleable nature of wrought iron allows it to be shaped to accentuate the restaurant’s unique style.

In order to ensure that patrons have a reliably impeccable dining experience, restaurants must juggle multiple factors, including food quality, service, and maintenance of the building itself. Choosing a wrought iron patio fence virtually eliminates one such concern. Wrought iron is highly durable, enabling it to withstand the intense Arizona sun, monsoon rains, and other natural phenomenons for years to come.

Many restaurants also feature misting systems on their patios to keep diners comfortable during the warmer months. By selecting a galvanized wrought iron patio fence from DCS Industries, restaurants will not have to worry about the rust that these systems can cause. Galvanization refers to the process of adding a protective zinc coating to wrought iron in order to ward off rust and other deterioration. All galvanized products from The Keg Steakhouse Outdoor PatioDCS Industries carry a 20-year warranty.

The option of patio dining elevates any restaurant experience, and wrought iron offers a beautiful and durable solution for enclosing a restaurant’s patio. DCS Industries has been designing, manufacturing, and installing wrought iron products in the Phoenix area for over a decade. Call us today for a free estimate! 623-825-7700