A Solution for the Lakes of Tempe’s Rusted Fence Dilemma

Rusted fencing at Lakes of Tempe Community Center

Rusted community fencing at Lakes Community Center in Tempe

Grassy areas are popular in Arizona communities for the lush aesthetic that they add to the desert environment. However, the watering systems necessary to keep the grass verdant are often harmful to many fences or walls surrounding the area.  Frequent contact with water may cause these barriers to rust and deteriorate.

The Lakes of Tempe Community Association encountered this problem with one of their existing fences.  Due to contact with sprinkler water, the fence had accumulated a significant amount of rust and was visibly in a state of disrepair.  Fortunately, the Lakes of Tempe consulted with the experts at DCS Industries for designing and installation of new wrought iron fencing. DCS Industries was able to offer a functional long-term solution that restored the area’s attractive appearance.

New Fence at Lakes Community Center Tempe

New Wrought Iron Fencing at Lakes of Tempe Community Center

Through the use of a process known as galvanization, which seals the wrought iron with a protective zinc coating, DCS Industries was able to ensure that the new fence will not rust like the old one did.  All galvanized fencing from DCS Industries carry a twenty-year warranty against rust, giving property owners peace of mind that their investment will remain functional and beautiful for years to come.

DCS Industries also applied electrostatic powder coating to give the fence a more durable finish.  Designed to weather even the harshest conditions, powder-coated finishes are less likely to chip, peel, fade, or crack than typical paints.  To further address the Lakes of Tempe Community Association’s needs, DCS Industries used heavier gauge steel to prevent the fence’s pickets from bending and incorporated stamped pickets so that the fence will be very difficult to climb.

Thanks to DCS Industries, the Lakes of Tempe can look forward to many more years of enjoying a sleek, rust-resistant wrought iron fence to accent its property!  DCS Industries designs, manufactures, and installs high-quality fences and gates customized to suit community and commercial needs.  Call 623.825.7700 today for a free estimate.

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