Patio Fencing for Restaurants

Patio Fencing the Keg Steakhouse Tempe Marketplace

Patio Fencing at the Keg Steakhouse Tempe Marketplace

In places like Arizona where the weather permits it, restaurants with patio seating are very common.  However, these great outdoor spaces require some attention to detail in order to make use of all their potential.  Fencing in the patio provides a sense of separation from people walking by and inclusion with the rest of the restaurant area.  Patio spaces in Arizona frequently utilize a misting system to keep patrons cool and comfortable during the warmer months, and unfortunately this can be damaging to the hardware of patio fences and gates.  This is precisely what occurred at The Keg Steakhouse’s locations at Desert Ridge, Tempe Marketplace and Lovesac in Chandler.  The use of misting systems (and weather) left their patio equipment rusted out and dysfunctional, but luckily DCS Industries was able to come to the rescue.  The experts at DCS were able to replace the Keg’s patio fencing while also making an important improvement to the quality of the product.  What was DCS Industries able to do to guarantee the integrity of the fencing without turning off the misting system?

Patio Fencing at the Keg Steakhouse Desert Ridge, Phoenix

Patio Fencing at the Keg Steakhouse at Desert Ridge in Phoenix

It was through the use of a process referred to as “galvanization” that DCS Industries was able to protect the new fence and hardware from rusting out like the old one.  Galvanization is a process that applies a zinc coating to the iron in order to prevent rust.  DCS Industries’ galvanized fences come with a twenty-year warranty, which makes sure that for the next two decades the fencing will stay functioning and well maintained without having to pay for another replacement! This means that your patio area can have a beautiful wrought iron fence without having to worry about the damage of misting systems.  If you are looking for a way to update or repair your restaurant’s patio space, call DCS Industries for a free estimate on a customized galvanized wrought iron fence.  623.825.7700.