Something Clever about Gates

DCS Industries Custom Gates

Gates can have various functions from being purely ornamental to providing privacy, security or safety.  Whether indoor, outdoor, at the front of the house, or in the backyard, customized, quality decorative security gates equip any property with all of these functions and still remain beautiful and unique.  The key is in the quality of the design, materials, and manufacturing.  A customized wrought iron gate gives a home the benefit of added security without detracting from its aesthetics because it is designed to fit a particular home and made to last through the years in the face of heat and weather.   Replacing an old, rusted gate in your block wall that’s been worn down from years of hot summers and muddy monsoons is a simple way to add a fresh new look that will enhance your property in terms of curb appeal and security.

Given all of these advantages of decorative security gates, the hardest part may be choosing the right DCS Custom Gatescompany.  Look no further than DCS Industries, LLC.  DCS Industries has been working in the valley for over a decade and owns each stage of the manufacturing process, from design to installation. We have the expertise and quality guarantee that can satisfy any property owner.  Our model and promise is best exemplified in our statement: “Our manufacturing process is a step by step quality control process, ensuring every piece we make is of the highest quality. We have our own metal shop, so we can do pretty much anything the homeowner needs where fencing and gates are concerned. Imagination is the only limitation.”  We have backed this statement up with satisfied customers for as long as we’ve been operating, and we plan on continuing to do so.  DCS Industries produces beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces for both residential and commercial real estate, and their decorative gates are no exception to this rule.  If you want to have a gate updated or just want an estimate for a future project, call 623-825-7700 to talk to the experts at DCS Industries.