Ornamental Wrought Iron Makes a Statement

DCS Custom Wrought Iron Work

Wrought iron has a history dating all the way back to the time of the Roman Empire when it was used to make furniture; it has continued to be used for gates, appliances, and ornamental decoration. As an elegant accent to a gate at the front of a house or a statement piece inside the home, custom ornamental wrought iron manufactured by DCS Industries will be both functional and durable.  Using only the finest materials, all of the custom pieces are designed, installed and manufactured at our local facility in Phoenix.  Arches, intricate railings, and decorative security doors are all made with premium grade steel, which has been inspected in order to ensure that it meets each one of our standards before it is transformed into the unique piece of wrought iron work that your desire. All of these custom works come with the option of a twenty-year warranty with galvanization to ensure that the piece lasts for decades to come.

DCS Industries Decorative Custom Wrought IronFor over a decade now, DCS Industries has been designing, manufacturing and installing custom wrought iron works, and by owning each step of the process, we are able to create the highest caliber of products while passing on savings to you, our customers. DCS Industries is qualified to design and build your custom wrought iron pieces to your desires and specifications. Every piece can reflect your personality, your character and lifestyle.

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