DCS Industries – Fencing and Community

Community FencingIn many ways, fences are objects of communal concern as well as an individual decision.  When it comes to gated communities, neighborhoods with Home Owners Associations, and properties managed by a third party – there is a collectivity making some of these choices because fencing can have an effect on the larger group.  Continuity is an important element in fencing when it comes to property value, so sometimes making it partially a group decision is for the better.   It’s always easier to be a part of these decisions when you’re working with an expert, and DCS Industries employs only highly trained and skilled experts from the project’s inception to its installation.

Usually, the decision to add a fence around a home is part of an effort to improve curb appeal or safety.  If the neighborhood has a Home Owners Association, then the members of that committee and the contract that was signed likely have something to say about what kind of fence can be installed.  Make sure to check with those regulations before moving forward with any project, and the experts at DCS Industries will be able to help meet these expectations for the community.  With customizable wrought iron fencing, it’s easy and straightforward to meet dimensional demands as well as design needs for houses in communities with collective concerns about curb appeal and aesthetic.  With the galvanization option, these fences will remain rust free under a twenty-year warranty, keeping the homes and community looking fresh and well kept even through years of seasonal changes and varying weather.

Perimeter fences, such as the one used around gated communities or on rental properties handled through a management company, are also a Commercial Fencing - Wrought Iron Fence by DCS Industries 1decision that affects groups of people.   For these larger enclosures, the design and materials used to make the fence are even more important – it sets the tone for the entire community.  As a planner, take the time to choose a fence that will last for years and set the tone for the community as a whole.  Custom wrought iron fencing allows any planner to customize the color, spaces, and fence shape to fit the demands of the community perfectly.  Whether this is for a neighborhood of houses, condo complex, or apartment buildings, the fencing becomes one of the largest pieces of material, and it covers the entire perimeter.  Choose something that will last and maintain its structural and design integrity.

Over the last ten years, DCS Industries has undertaken commercial projects that have ranged from office buildings to industrial facilities as well as large-scale residential sites. They work hard to match the design and feel of the commercial property with options like customized curving, powder coating, or electrostatic painting for high quality finishes. DCS Industries’ licensed installers rely on their team of experienced fabricators who design and manufacture all of the fencing material here in the metro Phoenix area. The process starts with premium grade steel that is inspected to meet their high standards and then cut and welded to projects’ specifications to ensure quality is maintained throughout the entire fence.