Repair and Repaint before Replacing

Wrought Iron Fencing needing repair

Wrought iron fencing is an elegant enhancement to any property – commercial or residential.  It is often customizable, durable, and an excellent investment for any owner.  Wrought iron fencing typically lasts for many years, but if it is not cared for or finished well, unstoppable forces like weather and the sands of time will eventually wear it down.  However, this doesn’t mean that they need replacement! Try repairing and repainting your wrought iron fencing before investing in redoing them entirely – in many cases it is worth it.

If your wrought iron fence, gate, or accent is looking rundown, or you simply want a new look, DCS Industries is your wrought iron specialist.  At DCS Industries, we specialize in wrought iron repair as well as manufacturing, so we can do more for you than simply tear it down.  One way to give your current wrought iron fence and gate a makeover is to Wrought Iron Fence Repairrepair or repaint them.  First, the worn areas are sanded down, and then primed.  Then, using electrostatic painting, the latest technology for refinishing wrought iron, DCS Industries is able to recover wrought iron perfectly with less paint wasted.  This process involves utilized charged particles, so that the paint is attracted to the metal, which results in better wrap-around and a cleaner finish.  Whether the job requires, refinishing, repainting, electrostatic painting, or even sandblasting and powder coating, we have the expertise to make sure the job is done right and lasts.  If your wrought iron can be repaired, it is much less expensive than a full replacement!  Call DCS Industries at 623-825-7700 to find out more about wrought iron repair and repainting.


Wrought Iron Fence Repair