Make the View Worth It: Galvanized Fencing

Perimeter Fencing One of the great things about Arizona is the variety and sheer number of outdoor spaces.  There are reserves that are perfect for hiking, shopping centers, and plenty of golf courses – all of which can be just on the other side of the fence.  Golf courses are far more common neighbors than you may think with over one hundred and thirty located in the greater Phoenix area alone! They offer lovely views and give a back yard the sense of being larger than it is.  There are also a number of properties that are set alongside “green belts” or pieces of land that will remain undeveloped in terms of buildings, but they are typically treated as natural green spaces. However, living on a golf course or a green belt can present some challenges – one of which is maintenance and upkeep of the perimeter fencing.

Both golf courses and green belts are maintained with lots of water – a necessity for either DCS Industries Galvanized, Wrought Iron Fencingto perform their function.  But for residences built along these spaces, the view may be nice but the higher frequency use of water can cause damage to any fence.  The water damage can result in rust and deterioration.  Oftentimes, the rusting out will be so thorough that repairing the fence no longer becomes an option.  This is the perfect opportunity to replace your view fence with custom galvanized wrought iron fencing from DCS Industries.   The wrought iron fencing produced by DCS Industries is made from the highest quality 16-gauge steel and is custom built to fit your property perfectly.  These expertly made fences also come with a galvanization option, which would be especially important for properties that are built alongside golf courses and green belts.  Galvanization is a process that applies a zinc coating to the iron in order to prevent rust.  At DCS Industries, our galvanized fences come with a twenty year warranty, which makes sure that for the next two decades your fences along those view lines will stay functioning and well maintained without having to pay for replacement! If you live alongside a piece of property like these where water damage can become a concern, call for a free estimate at 623-825-7700!