Why We Love Sliding Door Repair (And You Should Too)!

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Minimizing the barriers between indoor and outdoor living is one of the benefits of living in a climate like the one found in Arizona.  Mild falls, winters, and springs make outdoor living a near year-around experience.  Evenings on the patio and afternoons in the backyard are numerous and immensely enjoyable, and one way to access this beautiful lifestyle is through the use of sliding glass doors.  Not only do they eliminate the visual barriers be providing a clear, perfect view of the yard, but they are easy to operate.  A simple slide, and you’re already outside.  But what happens when that slide becomes more difficult?

Over the course of time, sliding doors can become hard to operate – not because we forget how, but because they get stuck.  It should never take an adult’s full body weight to open the door to get outside! But what can be done to remedy the situation?  Some might immediately jump to the conclusion that a door replacement is in order, but DCS Industries wants you to know that sliding door repair is usually the better option. Sliding doors usually stop working because something is wrong with the roller or the track – things that can all be fixed without a full replacement.

DCS Industries has been providing this exact service to their customer base for years.  DCS Industries uses a heavy-duty double roller, and the tandem rollers make opening and closing the sliding door much easier.   If it’s the track that’s causing problems, then don’t worry – DCS Industries also performs track replacements! Don’t buy a completely new door when it’s only certain parts that are causing problems!  Call DCS Industries for a free estimate: 623-825-7700