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So, you just decided to install a pool in your backyard because it will provide relief from the heat during the summer, but because it also adds value to your property.  On top of this, you have chosen an in-ground option.  Congratulations! In ground pools provide a number of advantages over above ground pools.  They last much longer than above ground pools, and they also tend to look better in a backyard.  With natural stone options, different tiles, and multiple shapes and sizes, it can be designed to suit your own needs and tastes, making it a lovely addition rather than a plastic eyesore.  Some practical concerns for pool owners include things like pumps, covers, lighting and fencing.

Keeping a pool clean and well maintained is a primary element of pool care – a pool clogged with leaves and growing algae is impossible to enjoy to the fullest! This is why many owners consider plastic covers for their pools; they keep debris from falling into the water and creating problems with the cleaning system.  As for lighting, it is important to keep an area where there is a large amount of water well lit for a variety of safety reasons.  Walking by your pool in the dark should not be an adventure due to an accidental misstep.

However, there are more important safety considerations that come with installing a pool than simple lighting.  In fact, pool safety for neighborhoods with young children and pets is often a matter of life and death.  Accidental drowning is consistently one of the leading causes of death in children under five.  While adult supervision is always a must, it is impossible for a parent to have their eyes on a young child constantly for hours on end.  This is why Arizona has pool safety regulations that require pool fences to be installed in all homes with children.  Custom wrought iron fencing is one of the most cost effective ways of meeting all of these requirements while maintaining your own unique backyard aesthetic, and they last much longer than the alternatives. At DCS Industries, our pool fencing is all custom, and constructed with the highest of quality materials, providing safety, security and peace of mind.

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