Wrought Iron vs. Chain Link Fencing – the Winner is Clear

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If you’re a property owner – either commercial or residential – who’s looking to make some improvements on their property, then changes to the exterior is an excellent place to start.  The outside is always the source of a first impression, so it should be a good one.  One way to quickly alter a property’s curb appeal is to change the fencing surrounding it.  Two of the most typical types of fences are chain link or wrought iron.  So which is the better option?  Wrought iron fencing provides more security; it’s longer lasting; and it provides an aesthetic element completely lacking in chain link fencing.


Chain-link fencing, is fairly common; however, it is the least durable and effective choice of the two.  These fences are easily scaled.  They are often ugly to look at.  Placing one around your home or business is likely to lead to a reduction in curb appeal as well as an additional cost of maintenance or replacement.


Wrought iron fencing on the other hand, is more secure, more durable, and it works with the existing aesthetics of the property due to the range of designs and colors available.  Wrought iron fencing also comes with the option to galvanize or powder coat. With DCS Industries, LLC, all wrought iron fencing also comes with a twenty-year guarantee against rust damage.  By using the highest quality materials and custom making each piece, DCS Industries is able to craft a unique, beautiful, and secure product for any commercial or residential property – a far better end result than a chain link fence could hope to provide.

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