DCS Industries Custom Iron Works


If you’re not one of the lucky few who can afford to build their own homes, then sometimes it can be a challenge to make a space feel DCS Custom Wrought Iron Worklike your own at a more architectural level.  Stairs are already in place; property lines have been drawn; the house is likely going to remain pretty much the same structurally for the next long while.  However, there is a way to put your own unique flair into your space that goes beyond painting or other decorations: custom wrought iron.


Wrought iron railings, fences, and other decorative or ornamental pieces are a durable and beautiful way to add your own perspective into your home in a more structural, permanent way than simply by choosing artwork to hang on the walls.   Custom wrought iron is functional: it acts as a railing for stairwells or a fence surrounding your property – but it is also visually captivating.


DCS Industries, LLC, manufactures and installs their own wrought iron works, which means that by controlling the entire process they are able to pass savings onto the homeowners.  DCS Industries is qualified to design and build your custom wrought iron pieces to your desires and specifications. Every piece can reflect your personality, your character and lifestyle.  It’s a beautiful and not frivolous way to incorporate your own tastes more permanently into your home.

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