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DCS Industries Custom Wrought Iron Gates

DCS Industries Custom Wrought Iron Gates


Fences are not the only important part of home security – you also need a way to get inside them. Customized gates are one way to not only update your home, but also ensure continued security. And rather than settling for boring, run of the mill wooden gates – consider a customized, decorative gate with metal or wrought iron for your residential property.

Wrought iron gates and metal security gates can be used for RV, backyard, garden, privacy, and security gates on residential properties. Each type comes with a variety of options that allow homeowners to ensure that the gate fits the established aesthetic quality their home. With the ability to choose frame colors, wood type, latching, and galvanization, a perfect and unique combination is easy to put together. Coordinate your garden gate with your RV gate, or choose something that blends together but has its own distinct appearance.

These metal and wrought iron residential gates are not only beautiful; they are incredibly durable as well. At DCS Industries, only materials of the highest quality are used in manufacturing each gate that is built, and owning the entire manufacturing process ensures that these locally made, quality products are kept at an affordable price. The gates are also installed by DCS Industries to make sure that all parts are in working order and that safety is guaranteed. If you are interested in updating your home’s curb appeal and security with a custom wrought iron gate, call us at DCS Industries, LLC for a free estimate: 623.828.7700.