DCS Industries, LLC ~ Installers or Craftsmen?


DCS industries Wrought Iron Custom FenceEveryone wants to know that they’ve chosen the right person to make improvements on their home, whether it’s fencing, gates, interior wrought iron designs, or energy efficiency products. It’s easy to go on the Internet and find a licensed contractor who meets the minimum standards, but so often that just isn’t enough to put homeowners at ease. You want to know that you are working with someone who takes pride in their work and has a detailed understanding of their craft. You’re looking for more than just an installer – you want a craftsman, an artisan.

DCS Industries ensures complete customer satisfaction by providing friendly, knowledgeable, licensed (ROC #224890) installers and fabricators. Companies that follow their product from raw material to finished product and on to the property where it is finally installed understand each step of the process in a way that an installation-only company may not. In the case of new fences, gates, and doors, this means being involved with the design, manufacturing, and installation of a product with the same company and the same people working with the materials from start to finish. It’s not just gates poured into a mold either – there are designers who are also welders, bringing their expertise and art to each customized piece on every property. This is the kind of care and labor you want going into something that will be put on your property or installed inside of your home, lasting for years afterwards. You want more than a drill-and-ditch effort, you want artisans and craftsmen working with you to create the best possible product.

Since 2003 DCS Industries, LLC, has been manufacturing, fabricating and installing all of our own wrought iron gates and fences, and custom iron wrought products ensuring quality, durability, and products that coordinate and accentuate any style of property – both residential and commercial. Our custom-made wrought iron fences, gates, and security doors are expertly designed, crafted and professionally installed; our energy saving products and safety products add to the value and security of your family, home and business.

We offer styles to suit every taste at competitive prices. We provide FREE quotes for your residential or commercial projects. Contact us today for a FREE Estimate: Sales@DCS-Ind.com or call 623-825-7700.