DCS Wrought Iron Fencing – for More than Just Pools

Although pool safety is one of the most important functions of our beautiful fencing at DCS Industries, our customers use our DCS Industries, LLC Wrought Iron Fencingwrought iron fencing and gates for so much more. Naturally, a quality fence around the perimeter of a property provides security. It keeps pets and children in, while keeping intruders (both human and animal) out. This type of security is also essential for apartment and condo complexes and gated communities. Security fencing should also be attractive, and our customized wrought iron fencing can be made with custom curving and coloring to meet both your aesthetic and barrier needs.

In Arizona, block walls are often the standard for property perimeters, but if you’ve got a view, you want to see it. View fencing provides all of the security you need to keep your yard safe, without getting in the way of a beautiful desert or mountain view. We’ve also created custom fencing for dog runs and play areas, which provides peace of mind for desert dog owners. You never know what a dog might encounter in Arizona without the protection of a fence. If you see a need on your property for fencing of any kind, we can provide a durable and beautiful solution for you.

Our Arizona fencing and wrought iron gates are all custom-made and constructed with the highest of quality materials. We start our process with premium grade steel. Our fabricators inspect the steel to meet all DCS Industries standards. The steel is then cut to size per order. DCS welds all fencing, gates, custom iron works utilizing pre-fabricated jigs to ensure quality is maintained throughout. All of our metalwork products have an option of galvanization (10 year warranty against rust), and we can either power coat or electrostatically paint ironworks for quality finishing that is simply beautiful.

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