Commercial Fencing

Beautiful fencing isn’t just for private homes.  Commercial properties deserve to feel beautiful too!  Our commercial security and perimeter fencing and gates are functional while making a great impression.  Our quality, durable pieces coordinate with the style of your commercial property – from apartment and condo complexes to offices or industrial settings.  You can understand how quality fencing around an apartment complex or hotel makes prospective residents or guests feel safe and secure, adding a positive impression to your property.  And in business settings, you show your pride in your facility by securing it with beautiful custom fencing that blends seamlessly with your building style.

All of our commercial fencing is custom-made and constructed from the highest quality materials.  At our manufacturing facility in Phoenix, AZ, we start the process with premium grade steel that is thoroughly inspected by our fabricators to meet our high standards.  All of our fencing, gates and custom iron work is welded with pre-fabricated jigs to ensure quality throughout the project.  Our commercial fencing can be galvanized, which provides a 10 year warranty against rust, and can be finished with powder-coating or electrostatic paint.

Our licensed installers will complete the job on any terrain, making sure your commercial property reflects the high standards of your business.  Keep your commercial property safe and secure, and make a great impression with commercial fencing from DCS.  Call us for a consultation today!