Wrought Iron Fencing Makes a Statement

Since colonial times, wrought iron fencing has been making a statement in the United States.  This important style of marking boundary lines was initially used for very important public properties and those of the very wealthy.

Styles have changed over the centuries, as well as manufacturing processes.  Early fencing was made by hand by blacksmiths and other craftsmen, while during the late 19th century, cast iron fencing became popular.  This involved using molten metal poured into molds, as opposed to being formed by hand.

Today, we have developed a process that produces the highest quality in metal fabrication. We start our process with premium grade steel that is custom cut and welded using pre-fabricated jigs to ensure the finest quality and durability. All of our metalwork products have an option of galvanization (10 year warranty against rust). DSC can either power coat or electrostatically paint ironworks for quality finishing, as well as facilitating custom curving and coloring to meet your aesthetic and barrier needs.

Modern materials provide improved durability and long life, as well as the ability to recreate traditional and historic fencing styles that truly make a statement on your property.  No matter what your style is – modern, clean lines or the curves of historic elegance, we can create fencing that blends seamlessly and is built to last.