Window Tinting Saves Energy

Window films and tinting for your home makes sense, especially in our extreme climate.  In addition to providing privacy and extending the life of your home’s interior finishes, window tinting can help you save on energy usage and costs and possibly qualify for a tax credit in 2011.

Window films and tinting can reduce excess heat and eliminate “hot spots” in your home.  It’s common to see a temperature drop of 10 degrees inside a home installed with window tinting in Arizona.  Obviously, this will save on your energy costs in the summer when you are running your air conditioning system, but can also insulate your property against heat loss through the glass in cooler temperatures.  So, year-round energy savings are a benefit of window tinting and film.

An additional benefit to homeowners is a tax credit that has been extended through 2011 in section 25C of the Internal Revenue Service tax code.  Homeowners may be eligible for 10% of the cost of a home improvement such as window tinting, with a cap of $200 for windows.  This benefit is scheduled to expire at the end of 2011, so now is the time to check into installation of energy-saving window tinting in your home and see if you qualify for a tax credit.