Keep Cool and Save Money with Window Tinting and Sun Screens

It’s finally here. The time to become reacquainted with the unrelenting heat that creeps up to 110 degrees and insists on staying there for what seems like forever. Because it’s only the middle of August, it feels like it’s impossible to escape the heat with October being so far off.

Fortunately there are ways to keep cool without spending your life savings on the monthly energy bill. DCS Industries offers many ways to make sure that you are efficiently keeping your living space chilled during these scorching summer months! By using window tinting and sun screens, you can find refuge from the heat while saving energy too!

The sun screens installed by DCS Industries provide protection from damaging heat and UV rays for yourself and your furniture as well. While keeping you and your furniture safe from solar damage and heat, it saves you money on yours summer electricity bill too! Window tinting will also protect your home from aging and fading due to sunlight while making sure that it stays cool in the summer and warn in the winter. They provide privacy and an increase in the energy efficiency of your home.

The summer months can be trying in Arizona. Especially when walking to the mail box makes you sweat like you just got back from running a mile. But DCS Industries wants to make sure that you’re not sweating your energy bill by offering ways to increase your homes’ energy efficiency and reduce your spending.