A Look at Doors and Gate Metaphors from DCS Industries

Doors and gates have often symbolized meanings beyond their everyday use. A person can be referred to having a “closed door” mind, indicating that they are stubborn and not willing to accept or listen to new views. The famous phrase “kicking down the door” means that someone pushes forward bravely into or past a difficult situation. Literature, poetry, and proverbs often use doors and gates metaphorically to indicate the passing into a new stage of life.

In particular, the genres of science fiction and fantasy heavily utilize the use of doors and gates. These have always been more than they seem in these genres. For example, doors and gates in science fiction and fantasy have the powerful ability to transport those characters who pass through them to other locations. Sometimes these locations hold foreboding, dangerous situations for the characters, and other times they are warm, safe places that the characters are overjoyed to arrive at.

What do your doors and gates say about your house? Do your doors and gates beckon your visitors and make them feel welcome? Do they suggest to your visitors that stepping on to your property is a safe decision? If your doors and gates do not create this atmosphere for your home or building, you may want to take a closer look at them and consider if they are mediocre and uninspiring. Perhaps they are even daunting to look at, or disconnected with the intended style of the building. Choosing the right doors and fences for your location is important in making a good first impression. After all, doors and gates are some of the first things that people see at your residence or commercial building, so they are, in essence, metaphors that you are visibly presenting to your visitors. Make sure they are good metaphors.