Bringing your Gate, Fence, Sliding Door Back to its Original State

Lots of items in life require specific and careful repair. For example, a team of 17 ironworkers and 38 painters works in an on-going effort to maintain the paint and repair the corrosion of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. In the 1940s, duct tape was originally invented for moisture protection for ammunition cases, but American soldiers during World War II found that it repaired rips and tears for tents, gear, Jeep seats, and more. In medical history, some of the first recorded mentions of cleft lip and palate repair come from Hippocrates, all the way back to 400 B.C.

Gate, fence, sliding door, and window tinting repairs are no different. Each item has a unique situation requiring professional attention in order to bring the product back to its original state and functionality. At DCS Industries, we provide this quality level of repair should you ever find your product in need of fixing. Committed to providing you with excellent service, we can address your specific product’s problem area, such as replacing the rollers or track for hard-to-open sliding doors. We want your home to be as relaxing and problem-free as you do, so give us a call when you find your gates, fences, sliding doors, or window tinting are not performing at their optimal level!