Gates Perform Functions that are Nearly Irreplaceable

There are many ways gates perform functions that are nearly irreplaceable. Gates keep your backyard, office, or entire property from being the easy apple of a felon’s eye. They greet you with a rustic air when you walk into a flower or vegetable garden. They prohibit pets from trespassing into a room that would otherwise end up looking like a large trash compactor in the middle of your house. They also tend to be useful in regard to personal safety, such as prohibiting your baby from falling down the stairs.

Unfortunately, many gates are not very attractive and do nothing aesthetically for the area they are in. Shouldn’t such a valuable staple for many homes and businesses be customizable to suit the owner’s needs? At DCS Industries, we manufacture fences, gates, and security doors to the specifications of the customer. For example, we offer our Phoenix Series wrought-iron gates with several options including frame color, wood type, and privacy strips. If wrought-iron gates or fencing are already installed but are rusty or broken, DCS Industries can refinish these with expert quality and professional techniques, including electrostatic painting.

Gates are undoubtedly practical and functional, but if you also want some beauty to go along with those uses, do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone to get your custom gate estimate or order started today!