Custom Wrought Iron Trends, A Perspective from DCS Industries

Use of custom wrought iron is a growing trend for both residential and commercial properties. Unique custom wrought iron pieces can be used as accents in railings, on windows, doors or gates. Of course, custom wrought iron fencing for pools, property perimeters, fields or playgrounds is also a long-lasting and great looking choice.

Wrought iron is unique in that it can be crafted into almost any type of design motif and accentuates many different kind of architectural styles. From classical to Spanish to arts & crafts or mission-style, custom wrought iron accents for your home can be designed to suit your property. Designs are limited only by your imagination!

Quality custom wrought gates give the benefit of added security and style to your property. Even an artfully styled wrought iron courtyard gate adds an extra measure of security to your home, while expressing your unique style. Replacing an old gate in your block wall is a simple way to add a fresh new look that will enhance your property for years to come.

When it comes to fencing your property, custom wrought iron fencing can increase property value along with adding safety and security to your home. It also provides the advantage of offering protection without sacrificing your views of the surrounding natural beauty. For properties with pools, custom wrought iron fencing is the perfect solution to meeting local building codes for pool safety while maintaining a pool barrier that blends in with the style of your home and looks beautiful.

Knowledgeable sales and design professionals can help translate your ideas into the customized product you’ve been dreaming of, while maintaining the highest quality. They should also be familiar with local building code requirements and pool safety regulations to ensure top return on your fencing investment.

Custom wrought iron from companies like Phoenix manufacturer DSC Industries is designed and manufactured using premium grade steel which is inspected to ensure that it meets the company’s exacting standards. It is then welded using pre-fabricated jigs to ensure that a quality product is produced. DCS Industries also uses only the highest-grade hardware and accessories on every wrought iron piece they build.

Additional choices for custom wrought iron fencing and accents come with choosing a finish and color for your project. Custom wrought iron can be powder-coated or electrostatically painted for a high-quality and long lasting finish in a variety of colors. Choosing to have your metalwork galvanized provides a 10 year warranty against rust. These pieces are as functional as they are beautiful.

Smaller projects such as interior railings, window design elements and customized security doors can also provide a wide range of styles and ways to enhance the beauty of your property. Whether your concern is making the right investment in updating your home, adding beautiful and functional accents, or enhancing the security and privacy of any part of your property, custom wrought iron will be a distinctive and long-lasting addition.