Latest Custom Wrought Iron Railings and Gates by DCS Industries

This is a small entrance gate we installed in Maricopa for a customer that has a small dog that she wants to keep from getting out. Pickets are close together at the bottom and more spaced out on top.


  • This stair rail was installed at a Toll Brothers home. The family has older parents that needed rails put in to make it safer for them to walk down to a “sunken” sitting area on the side of the pool.


  • This gate was installed in Gilbert at a residence where the Homeowner did not want people looking into her courtyard, so DCS Industries custom built a sun screen to fit inside the gate.

    Screened Gate

  • The big project was also in Gilbert, the homeowner wanted to make a grand entrance to his home by building something on top of his entrance fence. DCS Industries designed the idea with the home owner.


    We make the functional beautiful and durable. DCS Industries is qualified to design and build your custom wrought iron pieces with your desires and requirements. Every piece can reflect your personality, your character and lifestyle.