Is Your Arizona Building HOT Inside? Install Window Tinting and Cut the Heat!

DCS Industries is Committed to Energy Efficiency

Lower your AC costs by installing residential and commercial solar control films and window. Tinting reduces the heat, the glare, and the fading and aging of your home or office interiors. Window films and tinting also provides your home or office with privacy.

Window films and tinting can reduce excess heat, and eliminate “hot spots” in your home or office and commercial property. It is not unusual to see a temperature drop of 10 degrees inside a property installed with window tinting in Arizona. This will save you money on air conditioning costs in the summer, and heating costs in the winter.
Window tinting and films can insulate your property in the winter against heat loss through glass.

Window films and window tinting reduces glare on your TV or computer screen by 85%. With the minimization of glare, your indoor lighting will be optimal.

Residential window films and tinting will reduce harmful ultraviolet solar rays by 99.9%, heat by 62% and glare by 58%. By reducing solar heat and destructive ultraviolet rays, window films and window tinting can reduce fading of furniture carpets and other interior fabrics, keeping your property look newer, longer.

Installing films and tinting to commercial windows and doors will reduce heating and cooling costs, glare, and give your business a more unified look. They will help protect furniture, carpeting, woodwork and art from damaging UV rays. and provides residential and commercial privacy and security. Plus installation of window tint and solar windows film for energy efficiency “Green Initiative”. (Check with Your Accountant or CPA for Energy Efficiency Tax Credits!)

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