DCS Industries Installs Custom Gate in North Scottsdale

So I just had my custom gate installed at my home in North Scottsdale and is it GORGEOUS! DCS Industries really know what they are doing. My old gate was constantly needing repair….from the wood needing replacing and staining, to the hinges needing adjustments to keep it on the fence….it was a constant hassle and chore to keep this gate looking fresh and functioning properly.

We had DCS Industries build a new gate, and with our HOA approval, we had our gate custom crafted and built to specs in less than 3 weeks. This gate is fine-crafted and made with composite slates that won’t require paint or stain and won’t warp over time. The metal is made of wrought iron on the top and primed and sprayed for a tough, durable finish. Look at the incredible results! Now we are the talk of the neighborhood! Thanks DCS Industries! DCS Industries Installs Custom Gate