Sliding Door: Repair or Replace?

Sometimes homeowners mistakenly assume that sliding door difficulties mean the doors have to be replaced, when really all that’s needed is sliding door repair. A company that knows doors can improve the functionality and usability of sliding glass doors in a simple service call. Doors might need something as simple as new rollers or replacement track.

There are a number of causes for sliding door difficulties that routinely occur with age and regular use. If you have a family, you know how many times your sliding glass doors can be opened and closed in a day. Environmental factors such as moisture and dirt can also interfere with the doors’ movement. The areas that generally need repair are the roller and the track. The roller can become worn down due to age, rust or excess moisture. Dirt, debris and pet hair can all build-up on the rollers or track, and the track can wear down over time. Another problem that can develop is locks that stick.

Sliding Door Repair Solutions

Companies like Arizona–based DCS Industries are sliding door repair experts. They can easily diagnose the problem and provide the solution to sliding door jams. These experts recommend that worn down rollers be replaced with a heavy-duty double roller. The tandem roller makes your sliding door glide open more easily and safely. If your sliding door has a single roller, in most cases it can be modified to use the industrial tandem roller. Most homeowners are relieved to find out they don’t need to replace the door… just the rollers! There are times when track replacement is recommended to fix problems with sliding doors.

Sliding Door Maintenance

Once your doors are repaired and running smoothly on the tracks, you’ll want to keep them functioning properly. It’s important to clean the track on a regular basis. You can vacuum the track or even clean it with a gentle cleaning product or water and a toothbrush to remove debris. If you start to experience problems with your door, don’t wait until the door is impossible to move before handling the sliding door repair. Keep your family safe and your home in great condition with beautiful, properly functioning doors.