Window Tinting Adds Comfort, Energy Efficiency and Safety

Window TintingIn Phoenix, the sun is a major issue with keeping a property cool.   Because of the Arizona sun your windows have an important effect on your building’s energy efficiency and comfort.  To combat the sun’s heat properly installed tinting on your windows can result in significant energy savings.  At DCS Industries we professionally and safely install residential and commercial solar control films and tinting, lowering your costs, glare, and fading and aging of your home or office interiors. Window films and tinting also provides your home or office with privacy providing safety for your property.

Window tinting benefits:

  • It is not unusual to see a temperature drop of 10 degrees inside a property installed with window tinting in Arizona. This will save you money on air conditioning costs in the summer, and heating costs in the winter.
  • Reduce harmful ultraviolet solar rays which reduces fading of furniture and carpets.
  • Provides energy efficiency.
  • Provides residential and commercial privacy and security.

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