Landscape Design Tips to Enhance the Style and Function of Your Commercial Property

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A commercial property is a reflection of the business that occupies it. If the landscape is overgrown and walkways or fixtures are in disrepair, customers may be driven away by the impression that the business is poorly run or even in financial distress. On the other hand, customers may be lured into a business they would not otherwise visit by a beautiful landscape design.

A great commercial landscape design should blend style and function to make the business look its best and improve the customer experience. Flowers, trees, and ground coverings are not the only considerations; property owners must also carefully select the walkways, seating areas, lighting features, and fences and gates that enclose and accentuate the property.

As a commercial property owner, here are a few tips to keep in mind as you design or improve the landscape surrounding your business:

  • Ensure that the landscape design reflects the image you want to convey for your business. For example, if your business brand is modern and forward-thinking, consider incorporating plants and elements with a sleek, minimalist, or contemporary style. If you want to convey the idea that your business is committed to sustainability, use only native, drought-tolerant plants. To create the appearance of elegance and sophistication, invest in elaborate plant designs and ornate fixtures, such as wrought iron gates that feature decorative arches and scrolls.DCS Industries - Sheraton Desert Oasis
  • Consider how you want people to interact with the property. Some businesses, such as hotels and housing communities, want visitors to feel comfortable lingering, so they should add seating areas, fire pits, or water features. Other businesses simply want customers to come onto the property to shop or complete their transactions and then leave. These businesses will want to make sure that the landscape design is inviting yet simple. Regardless of your intentions for visitors to your property, be sure to highlight the walkways and entry points to the business. This can be done by lining the paths with plants or placing eye-catching features, such as colorful flowers or decorative gates, near the entrances.
  • Maintain a sense of privacy and access control. All businesses require some degree of privacy and must be able to control over who enters the property and at what times. Trees and rows of shrubs strategically placed along the perimeter will help to create privacy, while fences and gates allow access control. These barriers do not have to look foreboding and can actually help to enhance the property’s appearance. For example, wrought iron fences and gates can easily be shaped to suit any style, from sleek and understated to elegant and ornate. Wrought iron offers the added bonus of being highly durable, ensuring that any commercial property will look appealing and stay protected for years to come.

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