Protect Your Home with Stylish Wrought Iron Fencing

DCS Industries Wrought Iron Fencing

For most homeowners, their houses and yards serve as private havens from the outside world.  When installing fixtures on the property, security is paramount, but aesthetic appeal is also a central consideration since the home is a reflection of personal style.  Wrought iron fencing offers the ideal blend of both factors.

For residential fences, one of the primary advantages of wrought iron is its durability.  It is significantly stronger than other materials, enabling it to withstand the natural elements to which fences are exposed.  Wrought iron is also resistant to damage and tampering that may be caused by intruders of the human or pest variety.  All wrought iron products from DCS Industries offer the option of galvanization, which provides an additional layer of protection by coating the iron with zinc.  Our galvanized products carry a twenty-year warranty against rust.

Another quality that makes wrought iron an excellent choice for residential fencing is its malleability.  This allows wrought iron products to be molded to suit the unique style of any property.  Wrought iron in itself has a naturally elegant aesthetic, but with the custom curving, coloring and contouring options offered by DCS Industries, it is sure to boost your home’s curb appeal.

DCS Industries Wrought Iron Fencing

The team of experienced professionals at DCS Industries designs and manufactures a variety of wrought iron products, including perimeter fencing, security fencing, and view fencing.  View fencing is a particularly popular option for residential settings because it allows homeowners to enjoy the scenery beyond their yards while maintaining privacy and security. All wrought iron fences from DCS Industries are constructed at our custom metal fabrication facility in Phoenix.  Our trained, licensed professionals then bring the fence to your home for seamless installation regardless of the terrain of your property.  All of our products comply with state and local building codes and pass muster under our meticulous inspection.  Contact us at 623-825-7700 for a free estimate!