Custom Wrought Iron Creates Lasting Beauty from the Biggest Jobs to the Smallest

Indoors or out, wrought iron can create important design elements that are both functional and beautiful.  Manufacturers of custom wrought iron pieces can work with homeowners, commercial property owners and entire communities to create a wide variety of long-lasting pieces that enhance properties.

For example, take a community where lamp posts in common areas were rusted and dilapidated.  The failing posts were not only an eyesore, but also a safety hazard.  DCS Industries of Phoenix, AZ was able to custom design and manufacture 22 wrought iron lamp posts for the community.  The sleek, modern design fits right into the community and doesn’t detract from the natural beauty of the neighborhood, while providing safe and sturdy light fixtures for residents.  These posts were hot dipped, galvanized and powder coated for long life.  Using the hot dipped galvanization process allowed the manufacturer to provide the community with a 20 year warranty against rust.

Commercial properties can benefit from an investment in high quality wrought iron fencing and gates for a variety of needs.  Fencing companies that control every part of the manufacturing process ensure that commercial customers receive a quality product, and by eliminating the “middle man” can pass savings on to customers.  For resort and hotel properties, pool fencing is a vital part of guest safety, but should also reflect the style and beauty of the property.  Skilled wrought iron designers can match existing fencing and gates to replace areas that may have deteriorated, or design something that will enhance the architectural design of the property.  Safety latches, panic bars and other specialized hardware can be incorporated into the design as needed.

Of course, security for residential and commercial properties is also a concern when considering custom wrought iron fencing.  Premium grade steel should always be used, and all custom iron works should be welded using pre-fabricated jigs to ensure quality is maintained throughout.  Custom wrought iron pieces can be galvanized (which provides a warranty against rust), powder coated or electrostatically painted for a lasting, beautiful finish.

For homeowners, everything from fencing the entire perimeter of a property to decorative indoor wrought iron railings can be accomplished with the right custom wrought iron design and manufacturing company.  A beautifully designed and custom fitted entry gate or security screen door can totally change the look of a home’s entrance, adding value and curb appeal.  Even a decorative railing on top of a courtyard or pony wall can add a striking design element.

Of course, custom wrought iron stair railings provide major impact inside.  Whether the home’s style is enhanced by graceful scrolls, classic medallions or a simple geometric design in the stair rail, a custom wrought iron railing creates an elegant focal point indoors.

Whether grand or small, no matter what ideas you have for a custom wrought iron project, working with the right custom wrought iron company will ensure that you’ve made in investment in quality and beauty that will last for years to come.