Make a BIG Difference in Home Energy Usage with Window Tinting

This bears repeating as Arizona temperatures rise! In areas like Arizona, quality window film or residential window tinting can make a big difference in home energy usage and general interior comfort. According to APS, clear, un-tinted east and west windows gain the most heat in the summer months, while south windows gain the most heat in winter. APS suggests installation of window tint or film on windows with these exposures. Also consider tinting your north-facing windows for a more uniform and aesthetically appealing appearance for your home.

DCS Industries in Phoenix, AZ points out that quality window film and window tinting not only reduce interior temperatures overall, but eliminate “hot spots” in your home, office or commercial property. No more avoiding certain rooms on summer afternoons because it’s just too hot to be comfortable. Window tinting and films can result in an interior temperature drop of 10 degrees in the summer, and can insulate your property in the winter against heat loss through glass.

Another valuable benefit of installing window tinting or films is reducing harmful ultraviolet solar rays by an amazing 99.9%. They can also reduce solar heat by 62% and glare by 58%. All of this adds up to reduced fading of furniture, fabrics, carpet and protecting possessions such as artwork and photographs. Take a look around your home and notice the fading of upholstered and even leather furniture that is situated near sunny windows. Window tinting or films can protect your investment in furniture, rugs and wall to wall carpet. Even wood flooring can fade over time with sun exposure!

Window tinting or film can also improve the overall ambience and comfort in your home. Sun glare can interfere with your interior lighting, and with optimal viewing of television and computer screens. You can reduce glare on your screens by up to 85%, getting the maximum benefit from your electronics and easing eye strain as well. Window tinting can also provide extra privacy and security for residential and commercial properties. With the addition of window tinting or films, you’ll feel free to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors by leaving your blinds or drapes open without heating up your home or feeling exposed to outsiders.

When looking for window tinting or films, be sure to invest in quality products that are professionally and safely installed. Phoenix window tinting and film installer DCS Industries strives to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction for all security and energy efficient products, and has experts on hand to advise home and business owners on the various types of window tinting and window films available.

This is the perfect time to look into making the energy efficient addition of window tinting or window films to your home or office.