Wrought Iron Protective Cages

Whether you’re looking to safeguard valuable equipment, such as vending machines or HVAC equipment, or provide a securely enclosed area for your dogs or other pets to play outside, wrought iron protective cages from DCS Industries offer a reliable solution. With a natural durability and sleek, seamless appearance, our custom-designed wrought iron cages will keep your assets safe while complementing the style of your property.

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Superior Protection with Wrought Iron

At DCS Industries, our cages are crafted from premium-grade wrought iron, which is designed to withstand a range of weather conditions, physical impact, attempts at tampering, and standard wear and tear. This resilience makes wrought iron cages an ideal choice for securing a wide range of equipment, creating enclosed spaces for pets, and more.


Secure Your Valuable Equipment

Custom-designed to meet the specific dimensions and security needs of your equipment, our cages help prevent unauthorized access and damage, thereby extending the lifespan of your equipment and minimizing potential losses due to theft or vandalism. With wrought iron protective cages from DCS Industries, you can ensure that your investment is secure, whether it's located in a remote area or a heavily trafficked public space.

Enclosed Wrought Iron Dog Runs

In addition to equipment security, our protective cages may be used as enclosed runs for dogs, tailored to offer safe and durable outdoor spaces where your beloved pets can play and rest without the risk of escape or intrusion. Our cages are designed with both the security and comfort of your pet in mind, providing ample space and ventilation.

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Do you need a reliably secure, long-lasting solution to safeguard your equipment or your pets? Contact DCS Industries to request a free estimate on our protective cages! Our team will work with you to ensure that your wrought iron cage suits the style of your property, the size of your space or equipment, and your specific security needs.


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Protective Cages

 DCS Industries, LLC is qualified to design and build your custom wrought iron pieces to your desires and specifications. Every piece can reflect your personality, your character and lifestyle.

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Designed, manufactured, installed

We design, manufacture and install different and unique custom wrought iron products and ornamental wrought iron from wrought iron railings to unique visual pieces. Only the highest-grade hardware and accessories are used on every wrought iron piece we build.

We start our process with premium-grade steel. Our fabricators inspect the steel to meet all DCS Industries, LLC standards. The steel is then cut to size per order. DCS welds all custom iron works utilizing pre-fabricated jigs to ensure quality is maintained throughout.

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Our custom fencing, gates, doors, and repair/coating services are always exactingly built to the highest standards.



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