DCS Industries – Trash Enclosures

Heavy Duty Trash Enclosure with Wrought Iron GateEvery property that houses people for any duration produces garbage – it’s an unfortunate consequence of modern living.  This means that most office buildings, schools, apartment complexes, and residential homes have an exterior trash receptacle that’s only picked up on a weekly basis.  Often a second thought when it comes to aesthetics – because who really thinks about garbage all that often?  These exterior trash receptacles may pose problems all their own.   The good news is most of these problems can be solved with a simple trash enclosure.


Exterior trash receptacles can attract a variety of unwanted attention.  If your building or home is located near a preserve, there is the wildlife that may show unwanted interest in your trash.  Coyotes, deer, and other desert animals might see your trash as their own treasure, which is not only messy for you but also potentially dangerous for them.  In that same vein, curious children may see a large dumpster as an opportunity for adventure, when you know that it’s really an unnecessary risk.  Keep your trash off limits with a trash enclosure and know that there’s no one accessing your garbage beyond you and your sanitation department.


Trash enclosures have another added benefit – they improve the look of your property.  Instead of an old, unsightly dumpster sitting on your property for everyone to see, you can have a custom enclosure of steel and wrought iron that blends and flows with the surrounding aesthetics and helps keep trash cans much less obvious.  The experts at DCS Industries, LLC custom make and fit each of their enclosures with the highest-grade materials, guaranteeing a quality final product.  Call today for a free estimate for a trash enclosure built to fit your own residential or commercial property.  623-825-7700.