Security Screen Doors – Experience the Difference

Custom security screen doors are a great way to protect your home in style, while giving you the flexibility to maintain an “open-air” feel in your home when the weather allows. If you’re wondering what a security screen door is, it is a door that combines the best of a traditional screen door with a steel frame and grillwork to allow for safety and a secured home. These doors can be customized in many different styles to actually enhance the look of your home while providing safety and allowing the flexibility of air flow through the home.

Security screen doors are designed to work with your existing door to provide maximum protection, privacy, comfort and style. DCS Industries in Phoenix, Arizona manufactures and installs security screen doors, and stresses the importance of using high-quality, 16-gauge steel for the highest level of security. These doors are durable and rugged, while still maintaining a cohesive designer look for your home. In addition, DCS Industries custom fits each door to ensure a perfect fit, and doors are installed by licensed, bonded, insured installers.

Security screen doors should allow you to relax in your home, knowing that you can enjoy the fresh air without compromising your home’s security. You’ll know that children and pets are safely contained inside your home, and your home’s entryways are secure from intruders. In comparison to other options for home security, these specially designed screen doors provide strong, lasting security at a reasonable cost. And, while we usually think of closed doors lowering energy costs, you may be able to open doors and allow ventilation to cool your home in the evening, saving on air conditioning costs.

The many options for design and color of security screen doors allow you to choose doors that are the perfect compliment to your home’s style. Having added security has never looked so good! Installation of new security doors at the front and back of your home provides security and privacy, while maintaining a cohesive look.

When shopping for security screen doors, look for knowledgeable sales and design professionals who can help translate your ideas into the customized product you’ve been dreaming of, while maintaining the highest quality. Choose a company that is experienced and has complete control over the manufacturing process. Alex Tsekhanovsky, CEO of DCS Industries explains, “Our manufacturing process is a step by step quality control process, ensuring every piece we make is of the highest quality. We have our own metal shop, so we can do pretty much anything the homeowner needs where security screen doors are concerned.” A company that manufactures their own product and oversees the fabrication can pass on substantial savings to the consumer, while ensuring that the product is a perfect fit for the home.

Enjoy the outdoors without compromising your home’s style or security by installing high-quality security screen doors.