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Ultra Glide Automatic Door Closers Handle Big Jobs

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about our Ultra Glide automatic sliding glass door closers.  These great devices can be put to work in homes to ensure that doors close automatically.  Used in conjunction with our safety latches, children will be unable to go outside or access the pool area without supervision.  Every time the door is opened, it will close automatically and latch.  This is also an effective way to control energy costs, since doors are never left open to let in the heat or cold.  The Ultra Glide door closer comes in custom colors and is easily installed and doesn’t detract from your décor.

We’ve also found that commercial properties benefit from installing the Ultra Glide.  Hotels and resorts benefit from energy savings, as well as preventing humid outdoor conditions from taking a toll on the interior of the property.  Since hotel management can’t control the behavior of guests, it makes sense to let the doors do the work by closing automatically.

This goes for other types of commercial facilities and warehouses as well.  The Ultra Glide can be used in data centers, warehouses, loading docks, etc. to ensure that enclosed areas stay secure when doors automatically close.

For a small device, the patented Ultra Glide handles big responsibilities!

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