Commercial Property Gates

For businesses in many different industries, blending security, style, and functionality on their commercial properties is crucial for attracting customers, while also safeguarding employees and assets. From security gates to dumpster gates and more, commercial property gates from DCS Industries can be customized to suit the unique needs of your business.

Commercial Security Gates

By providing controlled points of entry and exit on your commercial property, gates offer a crucial way to ensure safety for your customers and employees while protecting your business assets. Whether you want to create a formidable appearance that is sure to deter unauthorized visitors, or you’d prefer to maintain an inviting look while still providing reliable security, our wrought iron gates can be crafted to reflect your style and needs. For example, our fences and gates can be shaped to form a spike at the top, making them very difficult to scale. We can also leave minimal space at the bottom or between pickets, thereby reducing the chances of someone slipping through uninvited. We offer various types of commercial security gates, including rolling gates that allow vehicle access.


Restaurant Patio Gates

Given Arizona’s beautiful weather throughout most of the year, patio dining areas are a significant asset for many restaurants. Customizable to suit your restaurant’s aesthetic, our patio gates create an inviting ambience by establishing a defined space for guests. They also add a layer of security and privacy, thereby enhancing the dining experience while helping to keep your business safe.

DCS Industries Custom Wrought Iron Railings (25)-min
Dumpster Gates

Managing trash enclosures effectively is crucial for maintaining the cleanliness, aesthetic appeal, and safety of your commercial property. Our durable dumpster gates are designed to secure these areas discreetly, preventing access by animals and unauthorized individuals while creating a seamless look. Constructed from high-quality wrought iron and equipped with robust latching mechanisms, these gates ensure that your dumpster areas are both secure and accessible, enhancing the overall appearance and functionality of your site.

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